Production Update 15 September

Did I say weekly updates? <sigh>  I’ll try harder.  Life has been a bit hectic, but starting to settle now with the kids back in school.

Episode 1 is still not complete, but my audio technical skills are growing.  I’ve been working a lot on the whole noise reduction thing after something I, or some piece of software, did to the dialogue tracks in the last two scenes of the episode.  I think I’ve got a grip on things now, and I’m confident the first episode will be complete and in the can by the end of the weekend, knock on velour.

With the settling out of my new shift rotation at work and the home routine being reestablished, I’m plotting out a reasonable production schedule for the rest of the year, which is far less time than it sounds like.

Live long and prosper, everyone.


Production Update 12 Aug 2010

Wow, a week has gone by already.  I’ve made a bit of progress working on Episode One, with all of the sound and music (if needed) added to the first two scenes.  Dialogue is built for scenes 3 and 4, and I hope to spend a little time on the soundscape for scene 3 this afternoon or tonight.  I do have all of the lines in for Episode Two, but have decided it would be silly to ask for Episode Three until I’m a little closer to actually needing it.

You also might have noticed the brand spanking new header art, once again care of Chris Martin of Evil Starship Factory.  Definitely worth your time to check out.

Update 05 Aug

So there’s been nothing new here for more than a month, not even some cool new header art.  There’s supposed to be some kind of audio drama thing going on.  Where the heck is my Trek?

Excellent question.  Not so excellent answer: I’m slow.

To be a little more detailed: it’s summer and my kids are out of school so I have them around all the time and I like it that way; I have a “day” job that actually involves rotating shifts and varying days off and we’re shorthanded at several levels, so it’s busy and I feel like I’m spending all my time at work; I have other commitments, too, chief among them being the editor’s mantle for a pair of speculative fiction anthologies (which, yes, I’m also slow at right now).

Episode 1 audio is all in my possession.  So is most of episode 2.  I’ve put together the dialogue for all but one of the scenes in the first episode but still need to add in sound and music.  Anyone who thinks this is a quick process should try doing it.  It’s not and, while I knew that before I started, I get reminded.

So, when will the first episode release?  I don’t know.  Not before I’ve got all the audio for the last one (there are eight).  Few things irritate people more than long production gaps, so I’m going to try to avoid those.  I am also going to try to put an update of some kind up here once per week.  Let’s say every Thursday.  Hope I can maintain that blistering pace.

Live long and prosper.

And check back next week.

Production Update

Okay, so I’ve sucked at posting here in the last little while.  Lots going on in the real world and not all of it good.  But there is a bit of progress to report.

I’m still waiting on some of the lines from Episode 1, but there are several scenes I do have all of the input for so those can get started.  Episodes 2 and 3 have had their final reads.  I’ve been waiting to send Episode 2 out to the cast members until all of the Episode 1 audio is back, but that may be a mistake, letting characters fade in people’s minds.

And I really, really need a voice for Sulu.  Really.  It’s not a huge part, but it is an important one.  Sulu appears in six episodes and has about thirty lines total.  Anyone?

Production Update 26 May

Still short a couple of characters, but the script has gone out for episode 1 and some lines have started to come back in already.  The audio I’ve received has been great so far and I’m really looking forward to stitching this together.  More as it develops.

Header Art

It’s been amost a month since I changed the header image on the blog, so I thought something different might be in order.  This one is also from Evil Starship Factory, not the Enterprise, but one of her sister ships, NCC 1727 USS Essex, (a slightly cropped version of this image).  Have a look around the Factory.

Casting news very soon, promise.

Status Update

You know, I’d planned this to be more than a weekly update, but I guess I’m going to have to settle for that this week, and probably next just due to the general time crunch I’m under.

I keep promising that I’m going to post a partial cast list soon, but the target keeps moving.  I have cast several more people since last week and have decided that production is going to start momentarily, even though I’m still lacking both Spock, Scotty, and Sulu as far as canon characters go.  (Anyone? Original post is here.)  Scotty and Sulu are minor players in the first episode with only a couple of lines each, so catch up should be easy when I find the people to play them.  Spock is a bit more of an issue, but I’ll do the best I can in the meantime.

One more pass through Episode 1 script to make sure it reads how I want it to, then into the e-mail it goes.  I almost get a shiver just thinking about it.